Prepositions 2

Mixed Prepositions Quizzes

  1. My class finishes
    (at) three o’clock.
  2. My class finishes
    (on) April 5th.
  3. She went
    (Ø) home.
  4. I work
    (in) Seattle.
  5. He's been working
    (for) three weeks.
  6. I fell asleep
    (during/at) the movie.
  7. I think everyone is aware
    (of) the problem.
  8. Did you invite her
    (to) the party?
  9. She's rather worried
    (about) her son's studies.
  10. I'm terrible
    (at) playing the guitar.
  11. Right now, he is searching
    (for) a job.
  12. He's become bored
    (of/with) his latest hobby.
  13. It was very good
    (of) her to help me when I was sick.
  14. She was very good
    (to) me when I was sick.
  15. They considered
    (Ø) buying a new car.

  1. Where did they go
    (for) dinner?
  2. That book was written
    (by) Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
  3. Please don’t interfere
    (with) my studying.
  4. Do you have a good relationship
    (with) most of your relatives?
  5. They are excited
    (about) their trip to Paris next June.
  6. Last week I enrolled
    (in) a cooking class.
  7. Last week I enrolled
    (at/in) Sedgwick’s Cooking Academy.
  8. Someone is knocking
    (on) the door.
  9. Someone is waiting
    (at) the door.
  10. I have been married
    (to) Barbara for over ten years.
  11. I married
    (Ø) Barbara more than ten years ago.
  12. Most
    (Ø) people enjoy traveling.
  13. Most
    (of) the people I know enjoy traveling.
  14. She was listening
    (to) the music.
  15. She couldn’t hear
    (Ø) the music.

  1. He's sitting
    (on/in) the chair next to the piano.
  2. I met Jack
    (on) the street.
  3. What do you usually do
    (in) the evening.
  4. Do you dream
    (at) night?
  5. I met her
    (at) six o’clock to help her
    (with) her homework.
  6. The store was full
    (of) people.
  7. We have decided to go
    (Ø) there
    (on/by) foot.
  8. I left my bag at your house
    (by) mistake.
  9. I left my bag at your house
    (on) purpose.
  10. We learned
    (Ø/about) verb tenses last week.
  11. I'm disappointed
    (in/with) my new iPhone.
  12. I am looking forward
    (to) meeting him.
  13. His teachers were cruel
    (to) him when he was young.
  14. She went on a date
    (with) Jack last night.
  15. She is dating
    (Ø) Jack.

  1. Your shoes are similar
    (to) mine.
  2. Our shoes are quite similar
  3. She can’t seem to concentrate
    (on) her homework.
  4. He was born
    (in) 1984.
  5. Please stop your son
    (from) punching me.
  6. He's working on his homework
    (at) the moment.
  7. All
    (Ø) children should be allowed some free time to play.
  8. The reason
    (for) this meeting is to discuss the president’s visit.
  9. Cezanne is famous
    (for) his paintings of landscapes.
  10. He seems incapable
    (of) doing his job.
  11. I’m not very good
    (at) typing.
  12. It is difficult to adapt
    (to) a new culture.
  13. The phone belongs
    (to) my sister.
  14. The professor accused Peter
    (of) cheating.
  15. I don’t trust our son
    (with) the car.

  1. I am scared
    (of) taking the bus
    (during/in) rush hour.
  2. The traffic
    (Ø) downtown
    (at) this time is terrible.
  3. He has a picture
    (of) his wife
    (on) his desk.
  4. We are looking forward
    (to) going
    (to) Victoria next week.
  5. Steven is talking
    (to/with/about) his girlfriend
    (on) the phone.
  6. John stayed
    (at) work
    (until) midnight.
  7. I told Mom we'd be
    (Ø) home
    (by/at) midnight.
  8. Can you see that horse standing
    (in/on) the grass?
  9. He always seems to be jealous
    (of) his brother.
  10. I was shocked
    (at/by) the new Dolce & Gabana advertisement.
  11. I don’t think I am capable
    (of) lifting that box.
  12. He took a photograph
    (of) the castle.
  13. What are the advantages
    (of) studying
    (in) a foreign university?
  14. I think that man has a gun
    (in) his hand.
  15. I think that man has some blood
    (on) his hand.

  1. London is
    (on) the Thames River.
  2. My friends did lots of damage
    (to) the house during the party.
  3. I fell
    (in) love with chocolate the first time I ate it.
  4. My sister is always
    (on) a diet.
  5. They are excited
    (about) taking the exam next week.
  6. I feel sorry
    (for) Mark. His students always come to class late.
  7. They were surprised
    (by/at) the movie’s ending.
  8. She's rather worried
    (about) her daughter’s new boyfriend.
  9. I'm just terrible
    (at) driving.
  10. It was very kind
    (of) you to buy me such a wonderful present. Thank you!
  11. Our teacher isn’t very good
    (at) telling jokes.
  12. He is always jealous
    (of) whatever his sister gets.
  13. There is a dog and a goat
    (in) the photograph.
  14. You need to open your book
    (to) page 18.
  15. The answers are
    (on) page 204.

  1. John was accused
    (of) stealing her phone.
  2. My brother and I used to argue
    (about/over) who had to take out the trash.
  3. I was visiting my best friend
    (in) the hospital. He’s just had surgery.
  4. I was visiting my best friend
    (at) the hospital. He has worked there for two years.
  5. It's been snowing
    (since) Christmas morning.
  6. We went
    (to) Thailand
    (on/for) vacation.
  7. We moved the bookcase
    (from) the bedroom
    (to) the living room.
  8. I'll be ready to leave
    (in) about twenty minutes.
  9. There is too much violence
    (on) television.
  10. There is too much violence
    (in) the movies.
  11. There is too much violence
    (on) the Internet.
  12. They went
    (Ø) downtown before they came
    (Ø) here.
  13. My fingers were injured, so my sister had to write the note
    (for) me.
  14. I am not interested
    (in) buying a new car now.

  1. I will wait
    (until) 6:30, but then I'm going home.
  2. I will wait
    (for) two hours, but then I'm going home.
  3. We haven’t spoken to each other
    (since) 2006.
  4. My mother doesn't approve
    (of) my new hairstyle.
  5. John, my best friend, is named
    (after) his great-grandfather.
  6. They still haven’t been
    (Ø) anywhere in England other than London.
  7. I applied
    (for) a credit card. I wonder if I will get it.
  8. Cathy lives
    (with) her parents
    (in) a small house.
  9. We took a taxi
    (to/from/at) the airport.
  10. You shouldn’t waste your money
    (on) a new car.
  11. She is very proud
    (of) her children.
  12. Teenagers often feel that they need freedom
    (from) their parents.
  13. Please fill this bottle
    (with) water.
  14. If you are cold, you can use my coat
    (as) a blanket.
  15. Sleep is the best remedy
    (for) a cold.

  1. When you fly, what can you see
    (on) the ground?
  2. Let’s go to Gangnam
    (for) a beer.
  3. The post office is
    (on) Clarke Street.
  4. I am excited
    (about) my trip to London next month.
  5. Last night, I had dinner
    (at) Outback Steakhouse.
  6. Japan is probably most famous
    (for) sushi.
  7. Police are searching
    (for) the bank robber.
  8. The decrease
    (in) profits is due to the bad market.
  9. I hate having to stand
    (in/on) line.
  10. She is frustrated
    (with) her job.
  11. I lived in the US
    (during/in) the 1980s.
  12. I am not familiar
    (with) this computer program.
  13. They have to get rid
    (of) the evidence.
  14. They talked
    (about) going to Thailand next month.
  15. She was annoyed with Angela
    (for) ignoring their agreement.

  1. He was born
    (in) July.
  2. The class will start
    (in) ten minutes.
  3. We waited
    (for) over an hour
    (at) the bus-stop.
  4. I live
    (on) the fifth floor of my apartment building.
  5. Let’s go
    (on) a trip to the zoo.
  6. They visited
    (Ø) Italy last summer.
  7. Mark apologized
    (for) starting the argument.
  8. I wish I had invested
    (in) Bitcoin five years ago.
  9. Let’s try a new approach
    (t) this problem.
  10. There has been a lot of opposition
    (to) the new government.
  11. The story of this novel revolves
    (around) the idea of friendship.
  12. Who are you angry
  13. What are you angry
  14. Throw the ball
    (to/at) your brother.
  15. Throw the ball
    (at) those bottles.

  1. Please keep
    (in) contact
    (with) me when you leave.
  2. I have to contact
    (Ø) my doctor to set up an appointment.
  3. (On) the Internet, there many different sports websites.
  4. He compensates
    (for) his height
    (by)_ being very generous.
  5. There were twenty thousand jobs created
    (Ø) last year.
  6. There were twenty thousand jobs created
    (in) the last three years.
  7. The rock dropped
    (to) the bottom of the lake.
  8. The balloon rose
    (to) the top of the classroom.
  9. The experiment was conducted
    (on) parents with three or more children.
  10. The Internet has had many negative effects
    (on) our society.
  11. He expresses himself
    (through) his art.
  12. Living
    (in) another country is exciting.
  13. We can get one
    (for) a cheaper price.
  14. I really respect
    (Ø) my parents.
  15. I have a lot of respect
    (for) my parents.

  1. Have you decided
    (Ø / on) a name
    (for) your child?
  2. Which university did you graduate
    (from) ?
  3. Are you satisfied
    (with) your grade?
  4. According
    (to) my brother, the Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup.
  5. They often feel gloomy
    (on) rainy days.
  6. Reading really affected
    (Ø) my English ability.
  7. Reading really had a big effect
    (on) my English ability.
  8. Do you know what’s difficult
    (about) studying English?
  9. I’ve become dulled
    (to) the violence on TV.
  10. The teacher’s mumbling made it difficult
    (for) the students to understand.
  11. How long have you been living
    (Ø) abroad?
  12. (On) average, how often do you go to the movies each month?
  13. This air conditioner should keep us
    (from) getting too hot.
  14. This air conditioner should keep us
    (Ø) cool.
  15. My brother kept on staring
    (at) me.